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Absolutely Works for People on Blood Thinners

Safe in the Wound

Non-Stinging, Hypoallergenic, and Sterile

Changing First-Aid, Forever™

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BLEEDSTOP™ works Great for...

Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts and Lacerations

“Struck a main artery, packed it in my wound. It just stopped my bleeding. Have it with you at all times, it works”

– Matt W, Lake Charles, LA

(FDA calls this an “off-label” use)

Stops Nosebleeds

people on blood thinners

“BleedStop™ stopped my severe nosebleed quickly.”

– Beth Lastovich 

Physician’s Assistant Medical Student Tampa, FL

Blood Thinner Patients

Blood Thinner Patients

“I cut the end of my thumb off using my table saw and was able to stop the bleeding with just a 20 gram pouch of BleedStop™ and I am on blood thinners – it really works!”

— Howard W., Waynesboro, PA

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BleedStop 4 Pack 15 Gram Package

Box of Four 15 Gram Pouches – $15.00

BleedStop 3 Pack 15 Gram Package

Box of Three 15 Gram Pouches – $11.00

BleedStop 2 Pack 20 Gram Powder

Box of Two 20 Gram Pouches – $10.00 

Nosebleed Foam Strips 3 Pack

Nosebleed Strips
Package of Three – $19.95

Single Pouches

BleedStop 20 Gram Pouch - $5.00

20 Gram Pouch – $5.00

BleedStop 60 Gram Pouch - $14.25

60 Gram Pouch – $14.25

150 Gram Pouch - $34.00

150 Gram Pouch – $34.00

Available August 1st, 2022

“Ideal For Police Officers, Sheriffs, and Soldiers in the Military.”

Great for Nosebleeds

Nosebleed Foam Strips 3 Pack

BleedStop™ Nosebleed Strips are an actual coagulant and are the fastest and most effective way to stop nosebleeds.

As a true coagulant, BleedStop™ Nosebleed Strips are the first real solution for people with mild to severe nosebleeds. These Nosebleed Strips infuse the technology of the BleedStop™ powder into a convenient and effective strip form.

Pinch end of foam to conform to nasal cavity, insert and apply to the bleeding wound, and hold until bleeding stops.

Nosebleed Strip Package of Three – $19.95

Clinically Proven | FDA Cleared

BleedStop™ is FDA Cleared for Over the Counter Use to the Public. FDA also cleared BleedStop™ for Severe Bleeding Wounds by Rx Prescription

Absolutely Works for People on Blood Thinners.

For Minor Cuts and Major Wounds. Safe in the Wound

Used by Doctors and in Emergency Rooms Across the Country

Safe & Non Stinging

BleedStop Made in USA